How to care for Succulents

Succulents are 'having their moment in the sun'

Succulents have been trending over the last couple of years and we can see why.  Not only are they hardy little chaps; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are just the right side of retro cool.  

Michelle from Rosewood Florist thinks that succulents have become popular because they are so easy to care for and require little watering. They love light and are really happy on a window ledge in the sunshine.

Michelle's top tips for succulents are:

Don't over water succulents

It's easy to kill succulents with kindness. In fact, they love to dry out.  Water them (from the base) once every few weeks.  Instead of pouring water over them, sit them in a little saucer of water for no more than an hour.  They will absorb as much water as they need. Leave the soil to dry out before watering again in a few weeks time.

Watering should be reduced in winter and it might depend on the temperature of the room they live in.

Keep your succulents in a pot with drainage holes  

If your pot hasn't got drainage holes, make sure the compost is free- draining to prevent water-logging.  It's best if you can get hold of succulent compost

If you do plant your succulents in containers without drainage then you need to change your watering. Use a watering can and water the compost between the plants, not on top of the plant. They do not like getting wet.

Why not pop and see Michelle and Frances in Rosewood Florists and discover succulents for yourself.  As well as succulents, you'll find a whole array of interesting and different plants which make perfect gifts for friends and family - or maybe just for you.

Succulents are so popular now, you can have them decorating your wedding cake or even on your nails like.  Check out Australian instagrammers @arozona & @karenwagnerdesign